Sobbie Bawa and Joice Perumalil: Two New Entrepreneurs In The Market

In today’s world, technology is the best companion of hasty humans. Many young entrepreneurs are giving meaning to their lives through tech profession, guys from United States named Sobbie Bawa and Joice Perumalil coming with a new tech startup called TeamHandOut, which is a software development company based in San Francisco, California founded in July 2020.TeamHandOut focuses on the development of mobile apps and games for Android and iOS platforms. Sobbie Bawa is an entrepreneur, investor and software developer, and a passionate singer and actor. On the other hand, Joice Perumalil has well known experience in working as a computer programmer, visual effects supervisor, film editor, and cinematographer.
Sobbie Bawa was born in Punjab, India. He was very fascinated by technology from the very beginning of his childhood. He started his schooling at the age of 3 and he continues to study. Sobbie Bawa joined college after completion of high school. Along with college he learned entrepreneurship and software development. He started working on his vision and created a tech and music management company, which acts as a brand that helps other upcoming companies to achieve the digital world to reach customers online.

Joice Perumalil was born in Kerala, India. He was passionate about photo realistic 3D graphics and computer programs. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in BA Communicative English and Master’s Degree in Visual Effects. He was working as a Visual Effects Artist. Later on, he moved to the United States. He is chasing his dream to be an entrepreneur that fulfills the needs of modern life.

They gained huge success in the tech industry & became successful entrepreneurs, they teamed up with many leading companies. TeamHandOut is coming with a new innovative app called HandOut,which can help you to digitalize the traditional marketing campaigns that you do with handout distribution. HandOut is available on Android and iOS globally.

The vision of TeamHandOut is to become an industry leader in the development of mobile apps and games, which can cater to the entertainment needs and help with accessing business services with ease.

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